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    Amazon Gift Cards are an amazing gift option for indecisive individuals. What makes this gift so great is the fact that the recipient can choose between millions of items across Amazon’s store. If you’re worried that these cards will expire as most others do, don’t worry - gift cards never expire.

    Gift card recipients will be able to choose their own gift and purchase it on the spot. Or, they could wait for an awesome Black Friday sale and use the gift card to score amazing deals. If the gift card recipient, for some reason, doesn’t want to use the gift card and wants to exchange it for cash instead, that is also a viable option. They can sell the gift card code on various gift card exchange websites and services.

    Redeeming an Amazon Gift Card is both easy and convenient. The recipient receives a gift card with a unique code in their inbox. All they need to do is to log in to their Amazon accounts, open their account settings, enter the unique code, and the amount will be fully applied to their account. Very quick and easy.

    Once the amount has been applied to the recipient’s account, they can choose to spend it as they wish. Amazon always offers incredible discounts, so they might even get their favorite item on sale. Get your Amazon Gift Card now and surprise your loved ones.


Anova's Precision Cooker Nano drops to $99 at Amazon
Anova's Precision Cooker Nano drops to $99 at Amazon

If you're looking to experiment more in the kitchen, sous vide cooking could be a way to do that. Anova makes a couple of WiFi-connected sous vide machines that we like, and our favorite, the Precision Cooker Nano, is back on sale for $99. That's 34 percent off and one of the best prices we've seen it, making it a good time to grab the entry-level device.Buy Precision Cooker Nano at Amazon - $99You'll need a couple of things to give sous vide a try, but the one that you probably don't already have at home is a machine like the Nano. This method of cooking involves putting food in a sealable bag and then cooking it in a water bath. Devices like the Nano constantly circulate that water while keeping it at a precise temperature so your food comes out perfectly done, not over- or undercooked.Anova's Precision Cooker Nano earned a spot on our list of favorite kitchen gadgets because it combines affordability and precision in a compact device. Normally priced at $149, the Nano comes in at only 1.7 pounds and its small enough to fit in your kitchen's utensil drawer. It uses 750 watts of power to heat water for up to 3,000 hours before you'll need to recharge it, so you'll be able to conduct a number of sous vide tests before it needs more juice.The Nano has onboard controls that you can use to adjust temperature and timing, or you can connect it via Bluetooth to your phone and do so via its companion mobile app. Unlike more expensive Anova machines, the Nano doesn't connect via WiFi, and it also has a fixed clamp that attaches to your cooking pot, rather than an adjustable one. Aside from those features, the biggest differences between the Nano and Anova's standard Precision Cooker lie in wattage and size. But we think the Nano is a great option for all home cooks, and sous vide newbies will find it especially easy to use.Follow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter and subscribe to the Engadget Deals newsletter for the latest tech deals and buying advice.

Amazon is giving Prime subscribers a free year of Grubhub+ deliveries
Amazon is giving Prime subscribers a free year of Grubhub+ deliveries

Amazon has announced a handful of new perks for Prime members ahead of Prime Day this month, including free deliveries from nearby restaurants. All Prime members in the US will now get access to a one-year Grubhub+ membership, which typically costs $10 a month, for free. Amazon used to have a restaurant delivery service of its own in an attempt to create a homegrown UberEats rival, but the company ultimately shut it down in the UK and the US. This time, it's teaming up with an established delivery service.Grubhub+ members enjoy $0 food delivery fees, so long as their orders go over $12. They also get rewards that include free food and discounts on their orders. Prime subscribers can redeem their free Grubhub+ membership by going to the official perk page on Amazon, activating the offer and then sharing their Prime status with the delivery service. Even existing Grubhub+ users can claim the freebie, with their free year kicking in after their current billing cycle ends. People who cancel their Prime membership will also lose access to their free year of Grubhub+, while those who stick around will be charged $10 a month for the delivery service after 12 months.This partnership is part of the commercial agreement Amazon has entered with Just Eat, the Dutch parent company of Grubhub. Under the agreement, Amazon will receive stock warrants worth 2 percent of Grubhub’s fully-diluted common equity. Grubhub says it "continues to actively explore the partial or full sale" of the company, but whether Amazon will swoop in with an offer remains to be seen. For now, Grubhub expects this partnership to add more members to its subscription service.Adam DeWitt, CEO of Grubhub, said in a statement:"I am incredibly excited to announce this collaboration with Amazon that will help Grubhub continue to deliver on our long-standing mission to connect more diners with local restaurants. Amazon has redefined convenience with Prime and we’re confident this offering will expose many new diners to the value of Grubhub+ while driving more business to our restaurant partners and drivers."